I Don't Know What Is Best For You

I spent this past week in Jordan, a country that is a safe haven to refugees throughout the Middle East. Here they accept everyone. When I told the local yogis my most famous quote: “In the pursuit of wisdom the notion of ‘right’ vs ‘wrong’ becomes insignificant” I see it resonate deeper than ever before. It takes my breath away. This area of the world has seen so much conflict.

I was speaking with one of the teachers @sawsanalramahi @stellafitnessinjordan and we agreed that it would behoove us to let go of the need to tell our students what they “should do.” As teachers we said we share our knowledge and aim to expand our students AWARENESS of their bodies, minds and spirits. However, it is not our place to say what they should do with that information:

“When you do this pose where do you feel it?”

“Where does your mind tend go to?”

“How are those thoughts serving you?”

“What sensations are you experiencing?” Although I have my students’ best interests at heart I’d rather not say that I know what is best for them.

If hip openers are too intense for someone and they have to leave class early… do what you need to do. I support you. I think: “thanks for showing up and I hope you come back and I hope you stay longer next time. But if not- I have to trust that you know what is best for you. I love you.” And that’s it. ❤️☺️ The world keeps spinning 🌎

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