Making It Work in Your Body

I鈥檓 adamant about being inclusive and have found #Astavakrasana to be the easiest arm balance for most beginners to find their first real lift off the floor in intermediate classes. The posture requires a fair amount of hip and shoulder mobility but less core and arm strength than crow pose.

Beginners can cheat the pose by keeping their arms mostly straight. 馃槈

路 The key is go be sure the leg is ABOVE THE ELBOW (on the triceps). 馃憤馃徎

路 Also be sure to move your hand back enough so that the leg gets locked in place. 馃憤馃徎

路 If your hand cannot reach the floor 鈥 put it on a block. 馃憤馃徎

路 To lift off push the floor away and pull your hips back.馃憤馃徎

Making the pose happen for your newer students will boost their confidence and keep them feeling encouraged while the more advanced students do their work. Over time as they continue to practice the appropriate stretching postures (like lizard) and strengthening postures (like chaturanga) they will be able to do the full variation. But for now- why not make it more accessible?

@zoekleinyoga of @onehotyoga demonstrates

For more free lessons check out my YouTube: Marysia Do

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