In Service to Something You Love

Last month I had quite a bit of drama going on in my personal life. I was telling one of my students about it right before class and as we were walking in she expressed concern about my teaching with all the stuff on my mind. I told her “when I am teaching all my problems go away. I disappear and all that there is is you and the question of how can I better serve you.” … it’s all the hours outside the classroom that I have to deal with my personal reality.

I ALWAYS give %110 percent always and it feels amazing! I love teaching so much! It’s a wonderful thing to forget yourself in service to something you believe in.

Still life doesn’t just exist in that magical vacuum. And so I go home, and I sit with my sadness and I deal with my feelings. When I’m ready I do the work to recreate peace. And then my life outside the classroom gets better again, better than it was before☺️

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