300 Hr Advanced Teacher Training

Anyone who knows me, and even some who don’t, know that as technically knowledgeable as I may be, my real super power as a teacher is believing in and empowering my students. When I tell someone: “you can do this” – it resonates because I do it from the bottom of my soul. The weight of my words comes from truly seeing another’s unique talent.

I am so excited about this upcoming TT because part of it is about how and why I do what I do in the classroom to cultivate that extraordinary power and vibrancy. I will share intimate details about my thought process and how I ground myself, as I play with physical and spiritual energetics. Then I will get to learn from you, my student teachers, about your process and your intentions for growth. Together we will figure out how to get you there.

The Empowered Yogi

Melbourne 2018


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