What it Means to be a “User.”

For Christmas I wish for the yoga community more giving without expecting anything in return. As you can tell by my whole Instagram page- I am a big fan of giving things away. I believe in abundance and I have faith that things will come back around in one form or another… and they have.

I am in the yoga business- but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some late nights coaching a student just because I care. I know my value and when it’s right I do charge for these mentorships, but I also have a heart and with that comes loyalty. So if an old student needs a friend. I’m there. I may not always know the right things to do or say, but I can still listen.

One thing I have a bit of a gripe about in the yoga community is that many people are only as kind as you are useful to them. A few times I’ve experienced people being very interested in having me in their life and then suddenly dropping me. A girlfriend explained it to me. She said that the old friend of mine who suddenly dumped me “took you on to see if you could add value to her business and when you didn’t, she didn’t have any use for you anymore.” Wow! It made so much sense but I never saw the world in those terms before.

That is what it means to be a “user.” Until we realize that “to give is to receive” enough will never be enough. In the process of bettering ourselves many of us fall into the trap of making life about self-service and the approval of others. Yogis we are better than that… and even if we aren’t, we can still aspire to be better than that.

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