Esoteric in Yoga is Bullshit

Esoteric means intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. Often the word spiritual is associated with the esoteric. And I totally disagree. I think that the nature of our spirit is quite tangible.

When I think of handstands my energy perks up and I become “spirited.” When I think of my students I feel sentimental and my spirit becomes charged. When I think of violence and war my sprit grows disturbed.

Our thoughts influence our feelings and our feelings impact our spirit. In the asana practice we also study how our movement impacts our spirit. I’m not sure why humans are addicted to complication but in so many ways we are.

For most it can’t be as simple as practicing observing our energy though out the day and making decisions based on the things that nourish our soul. But I encourage you to practice:

- What feels right? -Not what feels manic and exciting- What feels grounded and still uplifting? If you haven’t spent much time listening to your system it might be confusing. So be confused. Part of building connection in any relationship involves some questioning and confusion. Keep paying attention. Maybe over time you’ll realize you already have all the answers.

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