2017’s Bigger Lesson

2017’s bigger lesson for me is to relax and trust myself. Part of that means letting go of the need to indulge in societal fears. Work hard and succeed is what the world told me and so I’ve found hard work comforting.

There was the season of my life where I believed I had to push, but in continuing to push I’ve noticed that I am just pushing things away. As I’ve learned to relax I’ve found myself becoming a magnet for all the great things that have been awaiting me.

And so I’ve practiced slowing down, which was awkward for me. Still in slowing down I’ve learned to listen to my body over my intellect. And funnily enough in listening to my body and going with the flow I’m finding more efficient ways of manifesting my dreams. The more I trust and relax, the more opportunities come knocking on my door.

At this point in my life, the path of least resistance is where it’s at! I trust myself. Not in what researchers say (because the implications of studies are always incomplete). Not what the newspapers say (because most of it is agenda driven). Not even in what my friends and family say (because we are all limited by our own world view).

Yet even as I write this there is a shadow of guilt that bubbles up- like it’s arrogant for me to trust my inner compass. But I reaffirm for myself, this is where I am now. I don’t need to push anymore. I have the work ethic. Now I indulge my desire to rest more often and in doing so I can hear the quiet yet extremely powerful voice inside who already sees that I’m on the right path. There is nothing more to do but be present and do what feels right.

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