The Waiting Room

Patience is a virtue like no other. I take such solace in knowing that all discomfort passes. In practicing patience I save energy by not fighting against the discomfort. I do my best to stay hopefully while I let it wash over me. Eventually things come together, or fall apart and the world keeps spinning in perfect harmony.

I know many yogis out there have struggled with sick furry friends and I know my kitty Lotus has a lot of loving fans so I’m sharing this with you. I found out that Lotus is sick, really sick… She had cancer a few years ago so we removed her leg but it seems that the cancer has reappeared in her lungs. A few weeks ago she became quite lethargic but the vet said it was just her age. Yesterday I took her back because her lethargy got worse and they found a lot of fluid in her lungs. They managed to drain the fluid but it will come back.

During her emergency surgery I was in shock and looking for someone to ease my pain so I reached out to my cat loving friend @kittychow_ - she reminded me that it was out of my control.

Lotus’s well-being and my emotions at that point were out of my control. The pain was real- but the struggle against my pain didn’t have to be. I was just going to have to feel anxious and sad for a while. The term “waiting room” took on a new meaning for me: pain with nothing to be done about it. I watched my mind race, the tears flow and I waited. Giving myself the space to have my feelings eased the tension and allowed me to process the shocking experience.

Please blast us with the good vibes. All we need is love.

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