If You Don't Like The Alignment Cues...

Question: If you are taking a class and the teacher insists that everyone practice with alignment that you feel isn’t right for your body what do you do? Often I will try it their way in class just to see what it’s like. If after trying it I still do not see its value I’ll go home and ask a knowledgeable friend what their thoughts are (thanks @sbickle ) Then I’ll leave it at that. I prefer to only share my opinion when asked.

Stephen says that if you don’t tell the teacher they are likely to go on and injure students who don’t know any better. In his experience, even if the teacher is resistant initially, he has still planted a seed. Though it may take some of the more dogmatic teachers a while, eventually the teacher will open up enough to study another approach to the postures.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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