Thank You Pure Yoga

This note of thanks to the company that helped launch my teaching career is also effortless. Generally I avoid posting about brands because I am not here to sell products, but I am compelled to give credit where credit is due. I will always be grateful to @pureyogaofficial .

When I started I was relatively knew to teaching and Pure took a chance on this smiley, handstand obsessed American. In doing so they gave me the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of extremely dedicated students every week. I cannot imagine a better format for an extended Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: 14 classes a week, each class with between 20 to 50 people and anywhere from 5-15 private lessons a week. It was a lot of work A LOT OF WORK and it was AWESOME!!!

Pure also gave me the freedom to discover my teaching style and their sophisticated students base pushed me to grow.

Because the clientele is so international I also got to meet yogis from all over the world who, after studying with me in Singapore, would move to another incredible country. Many of these students went on to become leaders in their local yoga communities and then invited me out to teach for them. The majority of my workshops are still with studios run by my former students from Pure Yoga.

In addition to facilitating my growth as a yoga teacher, Pure has always had my back. When I am in need I know I can count on anyone from the front desk staff, to the teachers, the events team, and even the top executives.

Thank you Pure for taking such good care of me.

📹 @sigismondiphotography

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