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March 13, 2018


Those of you who’ve been in my class have experienced my excitement as I employ all kinds of different tools to help my students shine!  I crawl on the floor, I raise my voice, I make weird sounds…  I do bizarre things and to be honest often I don’t know I’m doing it while I’m doing it.  Even though sometimes I’m sure I am behaving like a total freak, it’s fun to give of myself entirely!

The problem with too much excitement is that it scatters my energy and that can make class a bit too manic.  In between the rousing moments I need a little pause to absorb all that has transpired before pressing on.  I think of these pauses as mini shavasanas; an extra breath to recalibrate.  Once my energy settles I regain perspective.  Then I plug back in and observe what the new moment brings.  From this more grounded place I can make better choices to keep the class moving forward with stability and grace. 

I have what we call in Traditional Chinese Medicine “Heart Fire.” The tip of my tongue is red, I am excitable, I am driven, and have a tendency toward insomnia.  Meditation helps me manage my overabundant energy. (To better ground myself I actually prefer to lay down when I meditate rather than sit up).

In TCM any emotion, even joy, in excess is pathological and so I do what I can to maintain some balance.  But I don’t feel the need to be perfectly balanced- I like my ❤️🔥 😁. It gives me the stamina to teach and celebrate after taking red eye flights.  I easily fall in love with every student’s practice and I can’t help but  do whatever it takes to empower my people. ❤️🔥 has benefits.  It’s part of who I am and I don’t feel the need to be perfect. 

One day I’ll have to slow down more- but not today 😉

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