What Confidence Is & Isn't

Confidence isn’t: “I’m really great at this and I’m really great at that.” Confidence is: “This is where I am and I feel good about it.”

In yoga we observe our mind, body and spirit. We see how our thoughts and the poses we do, affect our mood and sense of self. There is a tendency to see fallibility as something that is bad, or wrong. The hope is that with the practice of yoga we developed a level of comfortableness with our fallibility. We learn that we are human and completely entitled to have some negative thoughts, or physical weaknesses. In being okay with fallibility our defences drop and we can more clearly see and accept ourselves just as we are.

Being too attached to a specific self-image (ego) blocks self-awareness. Those blockages do not only hinder our connection with ourselves but with others. Living in a false reality isn’t relatable and therefore it is lonely.

Honest self-love is human and it is heart of connection. It is the heart of union. It is the heart of yoga.

Photo By @esthertaypictures in @be_pureapparel

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