The Art of Giving

In a world where more and more people have figured out how to monetise their passion, the art of giving seems to have gotten a little lost.

I suppose I find it a bit hard to relate to because my whole business is based on sharing freely. In addition to what I share on social media I love staying after class to help students with questions. It’s hard not to add an extra 30min after each workshop because I love seeing my students grow! Making someone smile is awesome!! It fills me with a sense of purpose and joy so I’m not just doing it for them - I do it because selfishly, giving feels wonderful!

I feel sad for people who have to be compensated for everything they do. I know we all have bills to pay, but creating and giving for its own sake is the essence of heart. Giving only to gain must plant seeds of bitterness. Giving freely doesn’t rob a person of their ability to make money.

I highly recommend giving because you can and you want to see good things happen for someone.

I’m writing this because recently I gave up a lot of content for shitty reasons and @ericyipxl heard about it and reached out to me. He organized a shoot and this incredible art is one of the amazing shots that came of his generosity. When we spoke about it later he said “this started from you sharing a terrible thing that happened to you. and I feel great about having nice images from that dark place.” That’s sincere generosity.

Talented people out there! Don’t forget to give because you were gifted. Your talent is not just meant for your own gain. It is your contribution to the world you were born into.

If you’d like to shoot with Eric contact him here @ericyipxl 📷

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