How to Let Go

Letting go is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes the hurt is too deep to simply drop it and move on. So how do we do just “let it go” when our mind can’t help but obsess over a certain issue? Personally I depend on meditation and then practice, practice, practice! Just like I exercise my core by asking certain muscles to engage over and over, I insist that my mind refocus on life’s beautiful miracles over and over and over! With either core work or mind work, when I find I lack the strength to keep going I take breaks. I let loose for a short while. Then back to it! Sometimes it’s useful to enlist friends to help me stay accountable. Supportive music also keeps me motivated. The key is not allowing anything to breed discouragement. We are all works in progress. That’s what the human life is- an ever evolving body creation. So be patient, relax and enjoy the evolution!

Photo By @ericyipix

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