Build An Authentic Following

Instagram provides a brilliant platform for yogis to grow their community. Through Social Media we have the opportunity to touch more lives from a distance than ever before and it is incredible!

The caution I have for teachers looking to grow their brand on Social Media is not to lose yourself in an effort to be more likeable because no matter how many “likes” you gather it’s still not you that people are liking- it’s a well-crafted façade. And so no matter how successful you grow there will be a void. Yoga teachers oughtn’t play games with their students.

I suggest when posting, first consider your message and then consider how you can best communicate that message. Build slowly and honestly to create sustainability with your audience. When we give from the heart, when we practice authenticity, we meet our true tribe. We find love. We know why we were put on this planet. ✌🏻❤️🙃 📸 @saraford

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