Seeing "The Good" Isn't Always What's Best

The light loving yogi in me always wants to see the best in everyone and so in the past I chose to dismiss my gut feelings in favor of “seeing the good.” Doing so was living in denial. It left me vulnerable and I have been hurt. But the fact remains that deep down inside I knew better so in a way I betrayed myself.

I am writing this to remind yogis that it’s okay not to be positive. Sometimes we are better off respectfully walking away because there are some people who have no interest in being beautiful on the inside. Those individuals are dangerous.

I encourage all you yogis out there to practice paying attention to what your gut is telling you. We live in a world where we are constantly being sold bullshit: from fad diets, to investment opportunities, to the secret to ever lasting happiness. Even people with your best interests at heart cannot know what’s best for you better than you can. Trust yourself and if you make a mistake, try again and again. Your uniquely valuable wisdom is in there! -It’s just a matter of being able to access it. Learning how to access it takes lots of practice.

There is no power on this Earth higher than your own intuition. You were born with a distinctive magic. Discover it! Practice listening to your innate wisdom. It’s not easy but it is your key to living the life you were born to live!

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