Born This Way

Years ago I set aside my textbooks and teacher’s notes and instead decided to learn from my students. I did so because I realized that as valuable as that information was, my expectations were getting in the way of my perception. The ideas I had about how the postures were “supposed” to be done or explained were blocking my ability to discover more effective ways of connecting with the bodies in front of me and making the postures happen for them.

I’ve been told that I am good at simplifying difficult concepts. For me, the heart of effective communication is the wiliness to surrender everything I know whenever I am with my students. Once I take in the information they provide without bias, I then reflect on my knowledge, consider what information I have learned that is useful and discuss it with my students. Together, in the present moment we figure out the best next step.

Multiply this work by thousands of students over many years and I have to say I am very proud of the versatility and effectiveness of all the techniques we have created. You don’t have to have be a rocket scientist to be a great yoga teacher. Yoga is a lot simpler- but you do have to care enough about your students to surrender your beliefs for their betterment.

Each of us was put on this Earth for a unique purpose. Some of us were born to teach yoga.

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