Associate with the Objective Mind

I like my students to think of these three levels of consciousness during yoga class:

First there is the mind that is talking to the body parts and trying to tell them what to do.

Second there is the mind that is evaluating our capabilities and thoughts. It says things like: “That person is doing this pose so I have to do it also- oh no wait but comparison is bad! This is yoga. I’m supposed to be content- but still I totally suck in this pose!” .

Third there is the mind that is watching the whole thing play out without judgment. This mind can hear our analytical mind but does not have an opinion. It is objective, accepting and loving.

I recommend my students practice associating most closely with that third perspective. I tell them: “Look down and see your sincere, earnest self. How adorable are you? You are this little human in yoga trying so hard and doing your best to deal with your struggles responsibly. It is so sweet! You don’t have to fix or change yourself. This is where you are for now. This is your human journey. Just appreciate your sincere efforts and trust that you will figure things out!”

Off the mat we can practice the same. Whether you are trying to get a promotion at work or better connect with your loved ones, rather than getting too caught up in the drama we can practice sitting back in the calm of that third awareness.

Things have their way of working out- you’ve survived this long! We can’t always control the struggle but we can practice not getting too caught up in it.

Have faith in your little human; you will figure it out! The more you surrender the more easily things will come together. “What we resist persists, when we stop resisting, it stops persisting.”

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