80:20 Rule. Perfection is Overrated.

80:20 Rule is a great one in yoga and in life! It simply means don’t bother working to perfection because the exertion of working to make the final 20% perfect isn’t worth the stress. Good enough is good enough. Take the pressure off yourself. Trust in your best efforts but don’t overexert or worry yourself. Often overexertion can lead to cloudy thinking and also an expectation of great returns. It is wonderful to give of ourselves in a labor of love but not so much so that we feel entitled to the reciprocity of those extreme efforts. #nonattachment Your best work is probably done after you’ve given 80% anyway- the extra 20% will likely only make a difference to you. Take a break after you’ve given it 80. Gain some perspective. Then see if you feel a call to refine further or see if you realize that it already came together quite beautifully. Live with Grace and Ease. Live in the Light! 📸 @saraford at @yogapodcherrycreek

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