Drop the Analysis and Listen

Observe and listen to each student as though they will present you with information that you’ve never heard before because they will. Everyone is unique and their uniqueness is worthy of respect. As a teacher it is imperative that we set aside whatever we think we know about the practice in an effort meet our students where they are. When we meet our students with an idea of how things are supposed to be, we end up only listening only to see where the information they provide aligns and misaligns with our expectations. When we drop our need to categorize and analyse we get invited to the inner workings of our students’ worlds that are organized by completely individualized standards. We are here to support our students’ pursuit of their own goals. As far as I am concerned yoga is not a religion and the guru culture has no place in modern yoga. While you may be your students’ leader, they are your guides. People gravitate to the idea that there is one specific, best path. This notion is comforting but it is also disempowering. We were all born for a reason and each of us has a unique path to walk. - an excerpt from The Empowered Yogi 300Hr Yoga Teacher Training Manual 📸 @esthertaypictures Outfit @be_pureapparel

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