Live With The Confusion

There comes a point when the only way to find the answer is to stop looking for it. Live with the confusion and still maintain a lot of faith. But how do we keep the faith? How do we let go of the gnawing desire to know already? By getting present. Get present by staying curious about and INVESTED in what is happening right now. PLUG IN! Every time you find yourself ruminating about that which is out of your control- PLUG IN again! Be patient with your self because this can be a hard ask, but still continue to ask for your presence over and over again. Soon enough you will look up and by coincidence your answer will be right there, reaching her hand out to you. Then all you have to do is take her hand and smile. - for more join The Empowered Yogi 300Hr Yoga Teacher Training

📸 @ericyipxl

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