There Is No "Perfect Pose"

As a teacher it is not my job to get anyone into the “perfect pose.” There is no such thing. Yoga was created a long ass time ago so everything we learn is here say. Striving for what was, is living in the past. Get present! Many of my India co-workers come from long lineages of yoga teachers and even they can’t even agree on how a pose “should” be performed. But they can agree that it really isn’t that important. The postures pose as goals. Our goals or our dreams emerge from deep within each of us. They are divine wishes. For example: some of us love handstand! We don't know how we got that passion, it’s more like it was given to us. In yoga we get to learn about who we are as peruse our god given dreams. It’s about awakening, not achievement. So go ahead, pick your favourite poses. As you study them, study yourself. How do you deal with the various challenges that arise? Stay curious, stay invested and trust that you are in fact perfect already. Yoga not about changing yourself, it’s about waking up to your authentic self.

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