Yoga Gives Back

From time to time I feel a pang of guilt as I ask myself how I got to be so fortunate. Why was I born in a county and into a family that encouraged me to peruse my dreams? I don’t know. But I do appreciate the opportunity to help empower those who were born into more difficult circumstances. Many of the women and children in India, the country that birthed yoga, are living without hope. They deserve to know what it means to have someone believe in them. For this reason I chose to be an ambassador for Yoga Gives Back. In 2007, inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Dr. Muhammad Yunus' revolutionary micro financing breakthrough, Yoga Gives Back began supporting micro credit programs. By working directly with local NGOs in India YGB has funded programs that lend small loans to women who are otherwise excluded from the conventional banking and financial systems. In the last ten years, YGB has grown to fund over 1200 mothers and children with micro loan programs and education funds with a minimum of five-year commitment to each person. Please go to @yogagivesback to learn more. Click on their link to learn about their #onemillionyogis campaign to give back to mother India. It’s a wonderful cause. 📷 @esthertaypictures

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