Narcissism and Yoga

Narcissism is quite rampant in the yoga community however it is suppressed from the conscious minds of those with narcissistic tendencies because most assume it is beneath them. If we could begin to lift the massive stigma around narcissism, narcissists would be given the freedom to identify their deep-rooted insecurities more honestly and start to work though their issues. This type of work gives them and others with similarly stigmatized issues the opportunity to mature. Many yogis have goals that could be deemed as narcissistic or otherwise misguided, but to me, as a teacher, as long as the student’s true motivations are at the front of their conscious mind, I think it is alright. In my experience, students who are given the space to be honest while pursuing their goals, whatever they may be, do evolve eventually. What we resist persists and denial is a major cause of dysfunction. Whatever it is we are dealing with, we have to go through it to get beyond it. We are all human. We are here to learn and grow. In order to take things to the next level I believe it’s time we start valuing authenticity over perfection. Let’s trust our students’ journey. Let’s give them the space to peruse whatever they feel is their bliss. Let’s give them the confidence to fail, to try again, to change trajectory, to evolve and to live the life they were born to live! Once we are comfortable in our own skin, we lose self-consciousness and can be of greater service to our community. Ultimately, giving is the greatest gift of all.

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