Leggings For The Cure

Recently I partnered with @leggingsforthecure to help raise money for the @drsusanloveresearchfoundation for breast cancer. When I asked Chris about what inspired the project this was his response: “I wanted to have a purpose behind it... since I’m not a doctor or nurse lol, I figure helping spread awareness to research is another great way to help. As far as the Dr Susan Love Foundation, I reached out to several that had a good rating on the charity navigator, and we instantly connected. They were supportive of the idea and I was honored to have them allow me to partner with them.”

Leggings for a cause is brilliant. The way I see it, if you are a yogi and you are going to invest in nice yoga tights (which these are- very nice) wouldn’t you love the opportunity to simultaneously give to those in need? ❤️

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