Don't Same The Pain

On Instagram it’s my job to be positive and uplifting. But I also think it’s my responsibility to normalize painful situations. In the yoga community there is this idea conveyed that if you are a good yogi you will only attract good things and you will be happy all the time. And while I am mostly happy I have experienced some seriously dark shit.

I know what it means to feel like the bottom just keeps getting pulled out from underneath you and you feel completely groundless; when every time someone tells you “well at least it can’t get any worse” you wake the next morning and find out that it does, and then it does again and again. I have been in some pretty unbelievable situations and that doesn’t make me a bad person. It just means it’s time to reevaluate the forces at play in my life and try to reorganise.

When we are going through the hard times it is important to count our blessings. It is important to be strong and figure out how to make shitty situations work. It is important to laugh at yourself. And it is also important to make time to cry and fall apart. Yes things could be worse but that doesn’t nullify today’s pain. Feel what you feel. Let it wash though you. Find a friend who will see and hear you. Our pain deserves some acknowledgment. Try to trust your pain, it’s leading you somewhere.


After you fall apart shower and take a nap. Then get up and try to move forward. Feel free to fail at moving forward until you succeed. Some things take time. Be kind to yourself. Just do your best… and if your best feels like the worst for now so be it. You will figure this out and you will be better for it. 📷 @itsriverdavis

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