Go Ahead And Fail

One major fear that came up a lot in the YTT last week was FAILURE.

I say go ahead and fail!

It’s not a big deal.

Go teach a shitty class!

It happens and you learn.

Don’t waste energy worrying about it.

In time you’ll care less about what others think and you will see that failure is not finite. It’s something that we have to accept as is part of the process. And if we wanna live big, free and happy lives it’s something we have to learn is also not that big a deal. I’ve embarrassed myself and failed so many times... SO many times!

Life goes on.

People forget.

You get less awkward.

And over time you get your swagger!

Ultimately it’s not about your performance, it’s about you getting better at being there for your community.

Care less and give more.

📷 @yogaoungareza

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