Shit Happens And You LIVE

It’s not that shit happens and then you die. Shit happens and then you live!

I am meant to be in Australia right now, teaching my second of three events and I am not because I had the wrong visa and the Aussie visa police is intensely strict! In all my years teaching I have only ever missed one class. I am never late. A huge part of my identity is my ability to deliver, ALWAYS. Although my business partner, @yvettejune #DELIVEREDINSPADES at the TT last week while I was able to give lectures remotely though the amazing folks @vister I can’t teach these workshops remotely. This time I failed. I feel terrible for not being there for the yogis @purehotyogabayswater and @adelaideyogaflow . Words cannot express how sorry I am.

I am certain to never make this mistake again. My career is growing too fast for me to manage it on my own. Live, learn and hire someone to help.

The next issue is what do I do with myself until my workshop in Hong Kong August 14-16? I live to serve my community and I need to be able to do just that.

So I did what I do: reach out to @pureyogaofficial . Within a minute they asked me to teach! Yay!!!!

UPSIDE DOWN class is free

Mon Aug 6 ASY 7:15- 8:45pm

Wed Aug 8 NAC 10:15- 11:45am

A little backstory: when I first moved to Singapore I had just finished Chinese Medical School and I was ready to be an acupuncturist. After 5 years of grad school, and 5 board exams the SG government did not accept my US license. My husband was working 10 hour days and I felt lost and useless. So I did what I do: I showed up to yoga. Soon after @yogiarun suggested I work for Pure. I took the job and shortly after my life as I know it began. The Pure Yoga community showed me why I was put on this Earth. I am eternally grateful.

If you are in Singapore and wanna meet up this week let me know. Shoot me a message! I will be visiting with my PY students, practicing, teaching and sipping Tiger Beer.

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