Space Between My Emotions and Myself

One of the most effective practices I’ve been cultivating to continue to live peacefully amongst the intensity of a quickly growing career is creating more space between my emotions and myself. I practice simply noticing different feelings as they arise without judgment. (Overwhelm, exhaustion, betrayal, excitement, confusion…) In order to maintain gratitude and perspective I take a pause when I notice potentially harmful feelings arise and I choose not become my emotions. Instead I just sit with them. I respectfully let them be and then watch them pass.

The core of peaceful growth is increased stress management. The more opportunities are we given and the more people with whom we interact the more likely we are to trust the wrong person or get caught in the wrong circumstance.

As we advance the stakes get higher and the margin for error shrinks.

The key to continue moving forward gracefully is to stay calm and non reactive. Things come together and they fall apart, but you don’t have to.


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