Hong Kong 2018

The Time of Your Life

Make the impossible possible both on your mat and in your life! “While there are many yogis who are wise enough to know the path, there are few who have actually cultivated the ability to walk the path. You may ask: What path is that anyway?

It’s the reason you were born. We came here as individuals, each for a unique purpose, and the ability to walk our unique path cannot be dictated by a power higher than our true selves. It all comes back to your capability to hear the subtle whisper of divine truth that emanates from deep within you!

In this 5-day journey of asana, meditation and journaling, we will learn to drop our expectation of how things should be and wake up to our true brilliance. We will realise the gifts we have to offer our community and the many ways in which the world is already supporting our joyful evolution.

Internationally known as the “Queen of Handstand,” Marysia has the global reputation of making the impossible possible. She uses the way we relate to yoga poses as practice for studying who we are and how we relate to our goals outside of the yoga studio.

A key to everlasting happiness is becoming process-oriented. The achievement of our goals leads to a fleeting feeling of victory. The reason you have your unique goals is not just for their achievement – it’s for the enjoyment and growth you experience in pursuit of those goals.

Working hard to make your dreams come true does not have to be grueling; the work can instead feel like a celebration! Wake up to the magic that life has in store for you.”

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