Standing in My Strength

Sometimes I find myself compelled to put me down a little when people ask about my lifestyle because I feel like I need to lower myself to stay humble. But in becoming more aware of this tendency I am realizing that the practice is a bit toxic. I hindered my brilliance in an effort to stay comfortably small. Fact is I’ve created an awesome life for myself! -sure there is hardship but it’s totally worth it!

In talking to other yogis, women much more so than men, I find this self-deprecating habit quite common. For many of us, especially as our accomplishments grow, our comfort zone is still in being that smaller person. Yeah, sometimes we go through periods where we are weak, but if we chose to be humble and grow, we do become more badass!

This year has made me stronger and more stable than I could have ever imagined. I was pushed to chose between regression and embodying my brilliance and I chose my brilliance.

My humility and life experience has enabled me to learn from the most unexpected sources. My independent mind has freed me from adhering to traditions that aren't pragmatic. My observation skills, creativity and willingness to be wrong has allowed me to innovate. My discipline and work ethic has given me the capacity to evolve in potent ways. My compassion enables me to meet, serve and empower my students. I create space for my students to create their own path and my talent enables me to powerfully communicate and connect.

Of course I’m not perfect. I’m still here. I have a lot of living and learning to do, but I am really damn proud of what I offer now! No matter how hard the outside world may be challenging me, every time I step in the classroom I give from the bottom of my soul- “no excuses, best results.” As I continue to summon excellence, I develop more of it.

What do you offer your family, friends and community that you have been afraid to say out loud? What are you in the habit of speaking negatively about? Become aware of how your speech reflects and shapes your self-image and potential. Stay real and EMBODY YOUR AWESOME!

📸 @itsriverdavis

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