Connecting To My Life's Purpose

Throughout every day I ask myself: “Why is my spirit calling this into my life?” I constantly return to this question because it helps me learn more about myself and my life’s purpose. I do believe everything happens for a reason and so I’ve learned to see and hear patterns in the kinds of things that happen to me and to others. Those patterns are my clues that help me gain insight.

Although my small human mind can sometimes perceive the world as random and chaotic, my soul knows that it is not. I love discovering how everything is indeed coming together harmoniously. Though we are living though confusing times, my day to day study in the present moment brings me faith.

I cannot solve the world’s problems, nor really understand them because they are just too far out of reach. But I can grow increasingly present, awake, thoughtful and loving.

There are beautiful lessons all around us, always and it’s up to me to push myself to see how I can better connect to a deeper and more universal truth: Love.

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