Beer Is For Yogis Also

I’m not here to convince anyone of a right way to live or be. I just practice living according to a code that makes sense to me in this moment and I want to encourage others to do the same for themselves. I’m not a vegan, I like to drink alcohol and sometimes I swear. That’s me, for now, it may change, it may not. What authenticity looks like varies person and that is what makes this world so dynamic and awesome!

From the hajabies to the chicks in hot pants I think it’s all wonderful! I love it when my students are free enough to do what they need to do to walk with their head held high, feeling comfortable in their skin. I am extremely honored and humbled to get to learn about so many different world views from my student all over the planet.

We are all doing this human thing on this earth together. I am not here to control your journey. My role is to support you in finding your own way.

I was told recently by @roxanne_yoga that my followers want to know more about who I am beyond being a yoga teacher. Honesty pretty much everything I do is in service to connection, union, yoga. Even drinking a beer. I never really drank beer before I moved to Colorado last year. I started drinking more beer to connect with locals over one of their favorite pastimes- beer drinking! And now I really like drinking beer! Firstly, alcohol is a great social lubricant. Secondly, it’s relaxing for me. Thirdly, I think because beer is filling I drink less but still get a nice buzz on so I wake the next morning still feeling great!

I much prefer lagers and my favorite beers are #Corona, #Tiger and #Stella… but I’m still learning. If you have any recommendations for this newbie #beer #drinker I’m open!

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