The More Significant Lessons

I often hear about a great deal of frustration from students who have been practicing yoga for a few months and “still" can’t balance in handstand.

It took me five years for learn how to balance in handstand in the middle of the room. Good news: it was about 10 years before handstand became trendy so I never felt like I should be able to balance because no one else I knew could do a handstand. Bad news: the sophisticated techniques that teachers can offer now weren’t available back then. Still the most important lessons were instilled in me.

Frequently in class my teachers called out “No expectations, best results!” and “Come on Mishy (my nickname) You got this!” Even while my teachers were really tough on us (300 Navasanas in each class tough) they still had an amazing way of making the work feel like a celebration! Those are some of the truly valuable yoga lessons that I am eternally grateful.

Whether or not you can handstand, your life will be exactly the same. One way your work on the mat can transform your life off the mat is by using your practice to become more process oriented.

Care less about the poses and more about what learning the poses shows you about your nature.

Achievements are empty.

Some of the most “successful” people I know are also the most lonely and frustrated- so what’s the point of trying so hard if you are still unhappy? Life is in the present moment. Learn to be in the now and learn the key to sustainable happinesses.

Think about this, if stress management is hard when just learning handstand, how is it going to be when life throws you a real injustice? The more stressors we can endure with calm, and humble confidence, the more responsibilities we can take on and still be cool.

And so I encourage you, fight the good fight! -not the silly one over silly yoga shapes.

Be cool 😎

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