I LOVE Dermalogica

I don’t really consider myself an “influencer” I am a yoga teacher and so I mostly share yoga, but today I am also a woman that loves having beautiful skin and loves companies that have beautiful ethos.

My husband, whose skin is incredible got me started using @Dermalogica 6 years ago. Back then I had breakouts and dry skin with excessive oil. It was a riddle that the cosmetologists Dermalogica finally figured out. Since then they have only been making my skin more and more luminous with their always evolving products.

And if you didn’t know today is INTERNATIONAL DAY of GIRL so for every Instagram posted in October with #DermalogicaIDG, @Dermalogica will donate $10 (up to 25,000) to @shesthefirst to educate girls and help young women become changemakers.

Today we ask you to make a post about someone who has inspired you in your education and/or career development. Mine was @ruth.bader.ginsburg (See my previous post)

It’s worth noting that: Since Dermalogica’s inception, Dermalogica has helped women develop their skills, so that they can unleash their potential. They’ve done this through training over 100,000 Licensed Skin Therapists, as well as through supporting She’s the First in putting young women through school – to date, they’ve provided scholarships to 58 girls in 11 countries.

As a company founded by a woman entrepreneur in an industry where more women own businesses than any other, they know first-hand the power of education and skills training to increase women’s earning.

When a girl is educated, she: Earns up to 20% more as an adult with each additional year of schooling. Is more likely to be in a healthy relationship. Changes the world around her for the better.

📸 by the beautiful and talented @saraford

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