The biggest difference between my 20s and 30s is the amount of attention I have to give to self-care. Last year, at 32 I started to feel pretty crappy. In order to get back to my optimistic, motivated self I needed to cultivate healthier eating habits. I’d just devour food but even when I was full I often felt like I still needed to eat more.

Then about six months ago, one of my students introduced me to #Purium. Quickly I sensed a difference. Upon drinking the Power Shake I felt like the cells in my body were smiling. But I didn’t want to post about it because I am not comfortable putting anything out to you all unless I am certain that I %100 LOVE LOVE LOVE a product. I value your trust in me and I have too much respect for my followers to pollute your feed with anything less than the best of what I can offer.

Purium is awesome. My food cravings have subsided substantially because of the bio availability of the nutrition in the products. The Power Shake is also full of slow burning carbs that keep me better satiated. I don’t drink it as a meal replacement. I usually just drinking it between lunch and dinner and I find that I no longer have the aggressive appetite that I used to have. I am being better nourished and so portion control is easy for me.

I am an intuitive eater. I don’t have the energy to fight food cravings. But now I don’t have to worry about over eating and feeling gross and bloated. I eat as much as I like and I feel amazing.

I also love the Organic Micro Greens. I drink it every morning and it puts an extra spring in my step. It’s amazing what feeling better nourished has done for the quality of my life. I feel calmer, happier and brighter.

Using their products is also so easy. When I go on tour and I am on the road for nine weeks, I always have the powders with me. Just stir in some water and boom- I am nourished for the day. I can go to anywhere and eat whatever knowing that I’ve gotten my nutrition. It’s just relaxing.

To save $50 or 25% - whichever is greater use my discount code: “MarysiaYoga” at @purepluspremium

📷 @saraford

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