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June 22, 2017

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Quiet Time... So Necessary

November 8, 2018

Another big shift I found between my 20s and 30s is that I require more quiet time.  I used to be worried about disappointing friends and family for saying no to social engagements.  I can’t worry about disappointing people anymore because it comes at the expense of my wellbeing.  In order for me to be the person that my friends and family love I have to be less available.  Because I find flakiness very unattractive, I have to be more thoughtful with scheduling by say “no, thank you” in advance.  Of course, if someone is in need I will be there for them in any way I can, as fast as I can… but other then that- less is more.

Seeing the look of disappointment on people’s faces hurts, but not nearly as much as pushing myself to the point of irritability, exhaustion and resentment.  When appropriate I do my best to explain myself.  People will have to understand and if they don’t it’s really not my responsibility to fix their attitude. 

#health #graceful #selfcare #calm 📷 @petra_pro_guide_ 



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