The Best Worst Thing

Sometimes things don’t come together the way that we we would have liked. But if we are clever and remain patient, we can figure out how to make things workout even better than we could have planned.

When I first moved to Singapore I was an acupuncturist but the Singaporean government didn’t accept my US license which was attained after 5 years of Traditional Chinese Medical school and passing 5 state and national board exams. I was disappointed but determined to figure it out. “I’m gunna figure this out” became my mantra.

I did more research about the local universities and learned that even if I wanted to continue to study I couldn’t because courses were only offered in Mandarin.

“Im gunna figure this out” I assured myself.

The whole while I kept going to yoga because that is what I have done every day since I was 16. Although I taught part time for years I never wanted to be a real yoga teacher because I thought making it my profession would dampen my passion for it. But when one of the teachers I suggested that I teach for @pureyogaofficial I figured ahh why not? - for now, until “I figure this out.” In Singapore I really missed my handstanding crew from LA so I decided to bring my passion for advanced asana to the community. Before I knew it my career exploded in the best possible way.

Losing my ability to practice Chinese Medicine in Singapore was the best worst thing that had ever happened to me. Quickly I learned that I was born to teach yoga. Fear had been stopping me. But the universe got me back on track.

Having my degree in TCM taught me a very unique way viewing, understanding and communicating with my students. It’s a huge part of why I am good at my job.

Thank you God and your mysterious ways. 📸 @petra_pro_guide_

From @stellamentor @stellafitnessjo

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