Stupid People

Stupid people make bad decisions and dig their own graves. Though dealing with them can be frustrating, I’ve learned not to take it personally. Some individuals are just destined to self-destruct.

People only change when they want to change and life will show them the way far more effectively than I ever could.

As a younger teacher and person, I thought it was my responsibility to help those who were struggling. But I’ve learned that some people would rather believe themselves to be “right” and feel isolated, than open up and see things how they really are. Ego over truth, destruction over creation; it’s dark and lonely but that is their choice.

And so, I send love in their direction while I merrily prance off in the other direction.

#yoga #practicepracticepractice #peace #namaste #letitgo #flow #trust #truth #honor 📸 @alexwanlh

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