Please join me in the #whyhidegowide campaign and stand against sexual harassment.

Here is the backstory:

My student @elvinac approached me about someone who was cyber bullying/sexually harassing her staff on her yoga studio’s website. An example of this harassment is illustrated when you swipe right. Pictured is a photo of a yoga girl in long pants doing a badass hanumanasana and this idiot felt entitled to make comments like: “I’m more disgusted by this lady opening her legs to expose her female kitty. It’s so unhygienic…” “please get your model to close her legs..”

I advised Elvina that most the time these individuals are just looking for attention and so it is best to ignore them. But the commentary was incessant and so now we must stand against this pervert. There is a time to turn the other cheek and show some mercy for pathetic individuals and then there is a time to stand up and put them in their place. Elvina began the #whyhidegowide campaign because F this person and their feeling entitled to dirty up an innocent girl’s image.

Please stand with me and post your own #splits photo and use the hashtag #whyhidegowide to help us spread awareness about this sort of sexual harassment.

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