Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don’t believe everything you think.

I’ve seen so many intelligent people stand firm in their opinions only to change them years later and then judge others for having those same views they previously held. While having opinions is how we organize info it also divides us.

One talent that I am quite proud of is my ability to set aside what I think I know in an effort to enter another person’s perspective. My faith in others and curiosity about what it means to live from their perspective is what enables me to get different bodies into the shapes they want to learn in yoga and it enables me to befriend people whose lifestyles have little in common with my own. It also enables me to love beyond understanding.

We don’t have to agree to establish deep and meaningful connection.

So often when people listen, we are actually looking for affirmation of our own world view. We prefer when everyone agrees. And if we don’t agree to what we are hearing there is the temptation to either fight or pretend we agree, even if we don’t. These options are easier than asking genuine questions because by learning about the other we may have to change how we see thing. Also, too often when we speak we are looking to have others see things our way.

While there is a time and place for standing firm in our truth, most of the time it is better to just learn. With a broader perspective, we see there is room for an infinite amount of truths to coexists.

Pitting differing values against each other is a disease of the mind.

When we are fearful or overjoyed our emotions make our minds think crazy things. While you may have no choice but to hear your thoughts, you can practice just hearing them without spiraling. Every time we raise our voice or name call we dishonor not just the other but ourselves as well.

I still get angry. There are people out there that I think I may hate and consider evil… but I am not sure I am correct. I’ve been wrong before. When I see my mind land firmly on an idea I know it’s time to tread carefully because that rigidity closes me off to possibility. While believing we know what is best can feel empowering it’s also a potentially destructive illusion.

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