A Great Supplement

For a yoga teacher I have to admit that I don’t always take the best care of myself. I eat glutten, dairy, meat and I drink alcohol. I travel for up to 3 months straight and I am in a different city every week. I take red eye flights so that I don’t have to miss a day in action. Still it’s my job to always be fresh, present and hopeful. How do I do it? Yoga, journaling and mediation are a big part of it but honestly, Purium’s products have made a massive difference in my ability to stay healthy and strong! As I have been building my business I’ve found it difficult to say no to work opportunities. My travel schedule has become a lot more intense and I don’t have time to get sick.

Classroom time is part of my work but a HUGE part of building bridges and learning about other cultures happens over meals. Food is often a source of cultural pride and it is what brings people together. So much of a culture can be communicated through their food and local food always tastes better. But sometimes the favorite dishes lack the nutritional value I need to stay strong.

I take the brands that I chose to associate with very seriously and I can whole heartedly say starting my days with a glass of the Organic Green Spectrum and adding in a serving of the Power Shake midday ensures me that I have my daily nutrition. It’s relaxing and I feel free to fly off, be sleep deprived, eat whatever, teach, play and live life fully!

Purium has a huge array of effective products so check out http://ishoppurium.com/and see if there is anything that looks interesting to you. Using their products is easy. Just stir in some water and boom- you’re nourished for the day.

To save $50 or 25% - whichever is greater use my discount code: “MarysiaYoga” at http://ishoppurium.com/ @purepluspremium #nutrition #health #greenjuice #namaste #yogini #yogagirl #yoga #yogateacher #teachertrainer #igyogi #sustainable 📸 @shavasanadaily

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