“Do You Believe In Evil?”

“Do you believe in evil?” I asked earlier this week on my IG stories. The answers were quite interesting. Swipe right to check them out.

Personally, I never used to believe in evil, but a lot of things have come to surface in the past year that make me question the faith I had in the innate goodness of all people. Also, history has shown us how hell bend on destruction some individuals and groups are. The question I have is are these people just evil or are they victims of circumstance?

The conclusions I’ve drawn at this point are two-fold.

1: It doesn’t really matter. Regardless, I choose to continue to be influenced by love. Others influences are beyond my control. My reaction continues to be that of compassion blended with strong boundaries. More than anything I believe in the power of love and resilience.

2: Honestly, right now I think some people have chosen selfishness and hate for too long to come back. I’m pretty sure that at some point, probably many points, in their life they had a choice… and over and over again they chose destruction. I feel like their commitment to a destructive path is so hardwired that they will not change.

Sociopaths exist as well. Some people are inherently selfish pathological liars that can absolve themselves of any blame. They purposefully seek our naïve, good natured people to exercise their power against. I think I used to be one of those naïve people. I’m not anymore.

What do you think? I am curious to learn about how different people see the world.


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