Yoga in Jordan

Meet my boss in Jordan @stellafitnessjo . As you watch please be quiet and listen carefully to her valuable and beautiful perspective on yoga and life. She is magic. It’s published here in two sections to fit the IG format so be sure to swipe right.

I began this project, I’m calling The Global Yoga Project, to share with you the incredible souls that I have had the pleasure to work with, know and love for many years. We humans, are all the same in some ways and we are also different. Both our similarities and differences are dazzling! I hope you feel the love. @stellamentor for more check out The Global Yoga Project on my YouTube Channel: Marysia Do.

Kinda separate note: I am also thrilled to announce my first yoga retreat. Up until now I have only taught workshops and trainings, which I love because I get to work with all the yoga nerds in a more intense way, but this trip is different. It’s a lighter, celebratory yoga experience that is an opportunity to play, grow, laugh and love. I hope you can join me. Click the link in my bio to learn more.

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