My husband got me into Dermalogica for over 6 years ago. Have you seen @shavasanadaily ’s skin? He’s been using their stuff for over 20 yrs and his skin is positively luminous!

I used to get breakouts and applying creams to clear my skin just didn’t work. It was frustrating because I sought out different experts and none of these experts were able to help me until my husband turned me on to @dermalogica . There the estheticians were finally able to effectively treat my dry skin which was over producing oil and causing me to break out. Since, I have been using Dermalogica daily and each year the product lines get more and more comprehensive. Going from my 20s to 30s I’ve incorporated their creams and oils to even out my skin tone and reverse fine lines. Still one staple that has been with me from the start is the Intensive Moisturizer and now I get to try the Intensive Moisture Cleanser.

Having clear and bright skin just makes me happy. Sounds cheesy, but so what? it’s true; Dermalogica makes me happy!

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