Move Forward on Your Path

God won’t give you more than you can handle but he/she’ll keep dishing it out until you learn your lesson!

I love practicing accountability for everything in my life. Although it could be tempting to blame others, I know that until I accept my lesson fate is destined to repeat itself.

Thankfully I practice listening to life as it shows me how to evolve into my next best version of self.

I’ve gotten savvier and sharper as well as more patient and generous. I feel more confident and free because I know that my truth is enough. I don’t have to compensate or try so hard.

Sometimes I just have to be willing to shine a light on my darkness. And with that simple act, my light shines brighter! It’s really not so tough once you get used to the rhythm of humbling yourself from time to time. There is no need for shame or fear because the reigning power of sincerity surpasses everything else.

If you wanna play yoga with me on the beach join my retreat to the Dominican Republic! Mixed levels welcome! It’s gunna be AWESOME!

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