Something Broke Inside of Me

A few months ago my husband told me it was time to announce that we were moving to Atlanta. I quit my jobs at the local studios in Denver, we had our going away party and then I took off for a nine-week teaching tour. When I returned my husband informed me that he would rather stay in Denver and just commute to whichever state he needed to be in because it varied… okay…

I was mentally prepared to experience a new culture in ATL but Denver is a fantastic, I have some friends here and all my stuff is here, so OK!

It’s funny, 7 years ago when @shavasanadaily told me we might move to Singapore I was SO ANXIOUS to know if he got the job or not. I needed to know where I was going to be living! Now I’m not attached to a specific future.

I have had the rug pulled out from underneath me so many times recently. People were not who I thought they were and I was hurt. Visas did not work the way that I thought they would and I was deported. These are just a couple of the many twists life threw at me where I was prepared to move forward in one direction and then shoved into a totally different wild and crazy situation.

At first it felt like I was drowning. Like the flow that I had grown to trust was a lie. As the waves kept crashing, something inside me broke. I came up for air, looked around and saw that I was still married to the best person ever, I still had a job I love and I still had a community that I would do anything for. So, I gave up fighting. I recognized that if I didn’t start counting my blessings and trusting the lessons that were being given to me I would lose it all.

I committed to letting go the idea that the universe betrayed me and chose to practice gratitude over and over again. Now I’m back in the rhythm of it and life is better than ever. With every twist comes new possibility; that is the truth! Fear is a lie.

For those of you who were looking forward to practicing with me in Atlanta, I’m sorry. But if it’s meant to be we’ll make it happen. If you’d like to practice with me in Denver come join me at @ohanayogabarre March 3! This #ArmBalance and #Inversion #workshop is my I’M STAYING PARTY!

📸 @saraford 👖👙 @be_pureapparel

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