I’m so excited to be coming back to Zurich Feb 23 and 24! The local yogis are so smart, fun and hardworking and I just love this city! I love the mix of industrial buildings with the old town on the river. I love sitting by the lake and watching the swans. I love the integration of man made and natural beauty. I love how creative, open-minded and forward thinking the people are and I LOVE how well organized everything is. Zurich just rubs me the right way!

They have quality international food, lots of healthy options and beautiful cafes. The musicians are from all over the world and they play in adorable and packed little dive bars where you don't even need to buy a drink in order to stay and enjoy the music. In the morning, when I go to the coffee shop to journal I love listening to all the different languages spoken and the precision with which they make my Cortado. And then there is the chocolate! -just YES!

In Zurich things function so well and they have so many community programs. Along the river there is a hard core tool shed that anyone can use to build furniture or anything else with tools available to the public. That river beside the industrial tool shed is so clean you can swim and even drink from it. They also have a building beside the river with free space available for different movement artists to train and rehearse. I met the brilliant @boris_milanovic there and he kicked my ass while a K-Pop dance group rehearsed in the next room. It was so cool. After we went over to a park with my employer Diana and sat under the shade of a tree and relaxed. Zurich is an idilic place.

I’ve never been in the winter before- I’m excited to see what it’s like!

If you want to come to my workshop contact @o.yoga.ch I’m there Feb 23 and 24 and it’s gunna be awesome!

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