Yoga Teachers, We Can Do Better!

2 gripes I have with some yoga teachers

1) Teachers that expect students to practice and teach their own methodology.

2) Using branding that, effective or not, is inauthentic.

I’ll start with number two because this is a social media post. The trap of wanting to be popular and feeling the pressure to compete can suck the soul out of any yoga teacher. Selling out workshops and trainings is not directly correlated with having lots of followers; it’s actually about creating a loyal community of people who are invested. Quality over quantity. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to educate my trainees on how to create content and build community in ways that you can be proud of on every level. I have seen the good and evils of this business and cannot wait to share all that I have discovered about maintaining authenticity and dignity while successfully growing your business.

Regarding number one, I believe each person who has a calling to teach has a unique gift to bring to the yoga community and it breaks my heart when I hear of authority figures instilling self-consciousness and doubt. The concepts of “right and wrong” are polarizing and limiting. I want our trainees to feel supported and free to explore different ways of communicating and connecting with their students. At The Empowered Yogi Teacher Training our emphasis is to give trainees every bit of knowledge that we can offer and create space for them to discover the relevance of that information to their own discovered teaching style. I already exist- one of me is enough. I want to learn about what you have to offer the yoga community. What impact do you want to make? How do you plan on making that impact? All these topics are things we will explore in the 300hr Advanced Teacher Training.

Check out my partners IG her vibe is awesome!!! @christinagagnier_embodiednomad

Go to @pureyogaofficial Singapore’s website to learn more about this program and register!

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