Influencer and Integrity

I struggled for a while with the idea of yoga teachers selling things so the transition from being a yoga teacher to being a yoga teacher/infulencer was not entirely comfortable for me. But then I realized something so obvious. Being an infulencer is not selling out to the highest bidder… I get to pick who I work with. I can choose to endorse products I sincerely support.

@loveequals__ is a brand with a mission quite like my own. That is one of unconditional support for people to peruse their passions!

Be who you are.

Do what you love.

Love Equals ____(you fill in the blank)

And we celebrate you!

Here is a word from their founder: "Driven by love and the power of inclusion and service, we are working with our customers, employees and business partners to spark a movement that helps us fulfill our enormous individual and societal potential. You will see that love in our products, in our relationships, in our marketing, and in our customer service. Join us in this movement."

To join us in this movement check out their IG. Go to their website. Buy a shirt if you like but most importantly spread love and acceptance.

#loveequals #love #tshirt #message #intention #yoga #partner #soulful #wardrobe #top #t #yogateacher #yogadaily #yogainallthings #influence #peace #worldpeace #yogaeverydamnday 📸 @saraford

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